Ride faster & furious-er

supercharged_featuredRide films aint what they used to be, and yet they draw on all the things we’ve learned in the past about immersion and matching to the motion. Fast & Furious: Supercharged looks like a clever addition to the tram experience at Universal Studios – here’s my look inside the VFX work.

Motion control Heaven

StillerC-1024x484If you want to see the capabilities of motion control, and learn about implementing VFX in and around it – check out the new term of VFX training at fxphd. Seriously, check out some of these pics from our moco shoot already.

Genndy’s style

ht2_featuredI’m a big fan of Genndy Tartakovsky’s style of animation, and he’s back with Hotel T 2. The guys at Sony Pictures Animation were generous enough to talk about the challenges that style has for their work in sims and animation generally – check out the interview on fxguide.